Main features

The WhatBots program is very simple. The program has sets of questions on various topics. You pick a topic and the WhatBots program asks you question about it. It seems the questions are picked at random but in fact the program picks questions where you need more practice.

Your “conversation” with the program goes like this:-

WhatBots - Here's a question
           (You think while you recall the answer)
You      - Tell me the answer   (You do this by one mouse click)

WhatBots - Here's the answer. Did you know it?
You      - Yes/Partly/No        (You do this by one mouse click)
WhatBots - Here's another question ....(Repeat as often as you like)

The program runs on your PC. So you can use it at a moment’s notice, without delays from Internet connections.

It’s flexible. If you have weeks to learn something, you can do it in small manageable amounts – just a few questions at a time. Almost painlessly. But if you need to learn it more quickly, you can settle down to a concentrated session, for as long as you want.

This program isn’t for everyone. The program gives you the responsibility of thinking and of deciding if you know the answer. It doesn’t use multiple-choice questions, because they give you a reminder of the answer. It doesn’t give you clues to the answers. This might seem to make it more tricky at first but ultimately this helps to make sure you really know the topic. Can you meet the challenge of the WhatBots?

How does it know which are the questions where I need more practice? You’ve told it! It uses your Yes/Partly/No responses to tailor its choice of questions to what will be most useful to you.

What can it help me with? Currently there are sets of questions on: using apostrophes, chemical elements, German strong verbs, English Kings and Queens, 12 to 19 multiplication tables and software testing (ISTQB) terminology. See “What topics” on the menu bar for more on these.

What does it cost? At present it’s all free.

What are the screens like? How do you work with the program? See the main screens here.