WhatBots - a free program which will help you to learn.

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Every subject has them... sets of facts that, sooner or later, everybody has to know to make progress. This is where WhatBots can help.

WhatBots, a program running on Windows, is a study aid. It won't teach you anything - but it can help you to learn and revise. It's a sort of machine for asking questions, choosing the questions where you need more practice. The first topics that are available have been chosen to demonstrate what's possible - history, science and grammar questions. Topics come as "Question Sets". You can see what Question Sets are available from 'What topics?' on the menu bar and read about the featured Question Sets below.

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Kings & Queens

Kings and Queens of England

This Question Set helps you to learn the dates of the reigns of the monarchs of England. It also includes some background facts on the monarch or the events of the reign.

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It's with an apostrophe


Are you unsure about how to use apostrophes - when to put them in, when not to put them? This Question Set comes with a tutorial, with a short explanation of some of the everyday uses of apostrophes and some techniques for helping you to remember how to use apostrophes correctly. It is not for language experts.

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Some chemical symbols

Chemical Elements

Elements we've all heard of and elements that (almost) no-one has heard of - they're all here. Maybe you just want to dabble and learn the chemical symbols for some well-known elements. Or maybe you need to know each element's atomic number and its position in the periodic table.

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