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WhatBots are free study aids. They consist of a Windows program and a set of questions, on various topics. You tell the WhatBot program which topic you want to work with and then it asks you questions on that topic. As you work with it, it builds up a picture of what you know (and what you don't) and so chooses the questions where you need more practice.

Introductory information about WhatBots.
Read more about the WhatBots and decide if they are suitable for you and the way you learn.

Working with WhatBots
More detailed information about WhatBots. What do the screens look like?

What can the WhatBots help me to learn?
At present there are Question Sets available on multiplication tables, German strong/irregular verbs, software testing terminology and the use of apostrophes in English.
Coming soon -

There is no charge, either for the program or the Question Sets Downloading & installing the program
If you'd like to try out the WhatBots, this tells you how to get it onto your computer. And it will automatically set up the Apostrophes Question Set for you to try out.

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