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Operation "Superdzhetov" offer stop The first proposal to suspend the operation of "Superdzhetov" came from the State Duma. The Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Control and Regulation Committee, Mikhail Romanov, suggested that Rosaviation should stop the flights of the Superjet until the end of the investigation. Interfax source reports that the decision has not yet been made. “There is no decision to suspend flights of this type of aircraft. First, it is necessary to establish the reasons for what happened and only then draw conclusions about the further operation of the aircraft,” an agency source said The passenger of the plane flying from Murmansk Sergey Bezrukov told the BBC that the plane had been circling Sheremetyevo for half an hour. “We just landed, we didn’t know what was going on, only after the landing we found out. We were told that the queue for landing was. We took off at 18:00.” Sergey does not know whether his friends were in the burnt plane because he did not see the list. Passenger flight Astrakhan-Moscow told that he saw the burned plane. “We circled for an hour, didn’t know what was happening. When we landed, I saw how the burned plane was towed away,” Alexey Kuznetsov told BBC